What’s your skin type and are you suitable for laser hair removal?

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Your skin type is defined according to the colour of your skin pigmentation and light sensitivity. There are 6 skin types ranging from very light sensitive pale white skin, to black skin which is usually the least reactive and least likely to burn in the sun. Your tanning history is a good indication of your skin type.

Skin type and hair colour also determines whether you are likely to be suitable for laser hair removal. This is due to the fact that the laser will only react with a pigment. This is why Laser hair removal treatment is great for people with skin type 1 & dark hair as well as someone with skin type 4 & dark hair, but might not work for those with hair lighter than their skin colour, or those with very dark skin.

Generally speaking then, as long as the hair you want to be removed contains a pigment and your skin’s pigment is not darker than the hair, it is likely that you will be suitable for laser hair removal.

What’s your skin type?

Skin types

*Skin type 6 in not usually suitable for laser hair removal because the Laser reacts with the skin’s pigment. In most cases with this skin type the skin is darker than the actual hair growth, which means that the laser is likely to react with the skin, rather than the hair follicle.

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